The Revenant

Wow. What can I say about this flick. I still feel frost-bitten and full of adrenaline and fear. From start to finish, this movie took away my sense of safety and kept my breath quick and shallow. I found myself having to take a deep breath after each scene just to slow my pulse down […]

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Entourage Life.

So I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to check out the new Entourage movie. I fuckin love the show so I was hoping the movie would be just as good. I think it was definitely worthy of a watch. The best thing about the movie is it didn’t feel like they were […]

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13 hours

The buzz about this movie was already extremely hopeful. 13 hours had gained massive popularity online due to the extreme jump for The Office’s John Krasinski who has taken on not only a different type of role but a completely different look. The plot of this movie is based on a true story that takes […]

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