Huge Arm Day

So much pump. Fuckin’ Arm day. That is all. hehe. Cheers, Klyver Just kidding. We were super rushed today, so we had to work fast. That means one thing: Supersets. We started with dumbbell skullcrushers and close grip barbell curls. High reps to absolutely demolish the muscles. Then we did some isolated dumbbell hammer curls […]

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Best Day is Chest Day… Yo.

I finished work at 10pm on Monday but I wanted to get in a decent workout. The problem with working out that late is tat it spikes your Cortisol and can cause adrenal fatigue and sleep issues. But screw that, I wanted to shred chest yo. It’s kind of tough because you can’t really take […]

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Nailing Breakfast

So lately I’ve been toying around with some different breakfasts. I gave oatmeal and protein a try, or Proats as a little jacked chick I know calls it, but It didn’t seem to work with me. I felt hungry almost immediately after and it didn’t sustain me. Maybe I wasn’t eating enough, but I think […]

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Back Day Justice

  So Dustin and I had decided to go to HAMbrgr last night after the gym, but we had to do some serious back demolition before we could earn all the glory that is HAMbrgr. This is what we came up with. We decided to start with Deadlifts at 5x10reps to get the day started […]

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