About My Life

So who am I? Who is Klyver? Well… I am. Obviously. But I’m sure you’ve figured that out yourself. Nice job! But seriously, who am I and why the hell am I writing about mundane things that everyone gets to experience? Because I think the stuff I do is pretty damn cool so there’s at least a good chunk of the worlds twenty-somethings that will agree with me. So just read on, enjoy, and don’t complain. 🙂

Movie Life.
I was raised on movies. Not to say that my parents didn’t raise me or do a good job of doing so. I just mean that in almost every spare moment, we watched movies in our house. My humor, my wit, my character; they all stem from movies. I sometimes think that if I met someone who had seen all the movies I had seen and remembered most of the lines, I would come off as a completely unoriginal chode. However, no one has, and no one can, so I continue to be hilarious as shit. Ha!

Food Life.
Who doesn’t love food? I mean… really… you have to love food. Otherwise, you die. Catch 22, I know. While I try to maintain a functional diet and stay within a reasonable amount of calories, I do enjoy a delicious, decadent, savory, or downright ridiculous meal from time to time. And by time to time, I definitely mean twice a week or more. Yeah, I know. Bad for the wallet, bad for the waistline. But it’s pretty awesome for the blog. So enjoy these wicked awesome meals and may they inspire you to eat better, worse, or just try something that you haven’t before tried.

Gym Life.
So I wanted to throw this in here just to have an ongoing record of my fitness stuff. Diet changes, workout changes, gym changes, and anything else that relates. While this won’t be the primary point of this blog, it kind of rounds out the whole ‘Life as Klyver’ thing. The first three things I’d likely talk to you about during a conversation would be Fitness, Food, and Movies. Followed closely by Historic Payphone location sites. Just kidding.


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