Hitting the Coop

How is it that an awesome fried chicken restaurant can open a stone’s throw from my place and never go in? What is going on with the world! It took me FAR too long to get over to The Coop! Conveniently located at Hess and King St, this place is crankin’ out not only delicious fried chicken, but incredible tacos, salads, appetizers, and in-house sauces. WOW! I enjoyed every single thing that we ordered. The staff walked us through the menu and suggested a few favorites for us to begin with. We ended up getting some onion petals, a crispy chicken sandwich with waffle fries, a 5-piece fried chicken basket and a glass of cold brew coffee that they conveniently have on tap! 

The food came out pretty damned quick despite the restaurant having a good number of people in it. We first got the order of onion petals to munch on while the rest of the food sizzled and fried. Music pumped through the eatery and the smell of deliciousness wafted through the air; life was good. Shortly thereafter, the main courses arrived. I have to say… everything looked incredible! I could hardly wait to devour the lot! The chicken was screamin’ hot still so I took an eating detour around the table.

I started with the waffle fries dipped in some of the ranch dressing that came with the onion petals. Crisp, spiced, and a great balance of actual potato and…well…crunchy…bits. You know, the crunch\potato ratio. Delicious! Next up was the crunchy chicken sandwich. To be fair, this wasn’t even my sandwich but I just had to get in there. I waited my turn and my girlfriend was kind enough to offer up a bite. Another knock-out! The bun was perfect, the chicken was juicy and crunchy with an armada of seasoning and spices, and it was topped with a house-made pepper cheese sauce. Next time I go in, I will absolutely 100% order the chicken sandwich. After letting my chicken cool off for a few, I was finally able to dig into the basket. Talk about chomping at the bit. The chicken was exactly what I was hoping for when we came to The Coop. Cooked perfectly and seasoned boldly, it was an absolutely perfect basket of chicken. The breading did it’s darnedest to hang on tight to such juicy chicken, even after dipping into another one of the in-house dips.I believe this one was NY Butter Buffalo or something like that. Do yourself a favor: ask for all of them. We ended up getting another 2 sauces just to try them out.

Now I will admit that we got a little gluttonous on this one. We literally ordered off the exclusively deep-fried menu it seems. It was a rough week and we wanted to reward ourselves and quite possibly be filled with regret for an hour or two! Totally worth it. This place is great. Super casual, easy-going atmosphere and a great and well-built menu. Check this place out whenever you get the chance. As they say, it’s #tastyascluck!




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