Mattson & Co on Locke

After a bit of a walkabout down in the Locke Street area of Hamilton, we decided to check out the menu at Mattson & Co, a new Jazz  Bar that we haven’t had a chance to check out just yet. We weren’t really planning on eating anything, but after reading over the menu, we definitely had to. They were currently offering Lunch or Brunch, but we were so taken with the Brunch offerings that we had to try a few dishes.

Firstly, let me just talk about the location itself. The building is absolutely gorgeous. They’ve got a wraparound patio around the whole side of the building and a stunning sun room that edges out from the restaurant. There is a feel of elegance and beauty to every little detail. It’s a nice place to relax on the patio and have a few drinks with friends. The atmosphere is casual and cool so you’ll feel at ease while you peruse the menu. If you’ve seen the building, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Enough about that. On to the food!

The menu looked outstanding, but the thing that got us to commit was the Deep Fried Egg Skillet. I couldn’t fathom what they had meant so I needed to sample it immediately. The other thing that caught my eye was the Night and Day waffles which were served with meatloaf and onion rings… I mean… Come on! You can’t do stuff like that, it’s mental! I love it! Sure enough, we were sitting on the patio shortly thereafter waiting for our 2 dishes to arrive.

While we sat and waited for our food, the staff were excellent with checking on us, ensuring we had water, and making us feel well looked after. Their patio has to be one of the best on Locke with the exception of possibly Na Roma Pizza Bar. It’s about 4 feet up off the sidewalk and it looks straight down Locke street. It’s an excellent vantage point to taking in the sights. Highly recommended. After a short wait, I saw my girlfriend’s eyes light up in a way that only happens when our food approaches the table. Let’s get into it.

They both looked incredible; top-notch plating. The dishes looked remarkable and I just knew they were going to be unreal. First off, the Deep Fried Egg Skillet was crazy! Perfectly golden crisp home fries topped with Gruyere cheese,  Montreal smoked meat, scallions, Merlot demi, and 2 breaded, deep-fried, crispy poached eggs all covered in citrus hollandaise. Just read that last sentence again and really imagine it this time. The yolk in the poached eggs was rich and golden, and perfectly creamy. This dish sang; it was extremely well-balanced and delicious. I couldn’t get enough! After the first bite I just had to sit and enjoy the forkful as I tasted each and every ingredient and enjoyed the amazing textural components. This dish was a masterpiece. Likely one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long time. Outstanding.

Then we swapped plates and in front of me sat the Day & Night Waffles. Incredible crisp waffles stacked atop one another with slices of veal and pork meatloaf, a few strips of thick-cut smoked bacon, scrambled eggs and onion rings, topped with a sweet and savory barbecue sauce and more citrus hollandaise. I’m not sure which dish I loved more, but there was definitely love for both. The onion rings alone were to die for. They were so light and crisp; I can honestly say I’ve never had onion rings as good as that before. The waffle was perfect as well with a slightly sweet batter which paired excellently with the sweetness from the barbecue sauce. The meatloaf was a flavor explosion that would have also been great on it’s own, and heck… why not just add smoked bacon and hollandaise? Like I said before, Outstanding.

If you’ve been looking to try this place or you want a great place to try out for brunch, this is definitely the spot. Go tomorrow morning. Go next weekend. Go whenever you get the chance. You won’t regret it.



Poached egg animated


One thought on “Mattson & Co on Locke

  1. Gee, son! Sunday here, stores closed, and no food in the house … and I happen to read this first thing in the morning. Thar blows my instestinal peace an quiet!


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