As far as FSH & CHP goes…

Finally! Last night we made a special point of going out and trying the new restaurant beside HAMbrgr, FSH & CHP. Can you tell they’re sister restaurants? It’s located literally directly beside HAMbrgr on King William.

The restaurant itself has that same cozy, cool atmosphere but with a little touch of East coast vacation and Summer cottage atmosphere. The décor is clean and inviting, like eating at your favorite aunt’s house in Nova Scotia or something. The restaurant has limited seating,but as soon as you walk in, you’re treated like family and you know you’re in for a good meal.

Because the restaurant is called FSH & CHP, you can probably take a guess as to what we ordered. You got it…chicken burgers. Justttt kidding. We all had the fish and chips. We had to try the namesake of the restaurant to see how it stacked up. More specifically, my girlfriend and my buddy went for the beer battered Haddock plate and I chose to try the Cod. We also decided to go with an order of crab dip to start because we were starved by the time we got there.

First came the ooey-gooey crab dip served in a cast-iron dish, sizzling and bubbling away. The top was marbled with golden brown cheese and bits of caramelized onion. The dip also came with a cup of crispy seasoned crostini for dipping. Holy cow was this dip ever delicious. Sharp cheesy flavor married perfectly with the crab with a good helping of diced onion and seasonings. Beautifully done and was perfect the whole way through. About halfway through,our main dishes came; we didn’t waste any time dipping fresh cut fries into the crab dip. This was likely the best decision we’d made that day, second only to choosing FSH & CHP for dinner.

Our main dishes looked marvelous. Picturesque even. Perfectly fried fish fillets with crisp, golden brown batter that was soft and fluffy on the inside and extremely flavorful. Underneath that perfect exterior was a bit piece of tender, flakey fish. The plate was served with a heap of proper chips, some house-made tartar sauce, and some house-made purple coleslaw. I was salivating the second it hit the table. Stunning meal. It had been a long time since I’d had a delicious fish and chip dinner; the last few times, the fish was soggy, overly breaded, and under seasoned. This, however, hit the nail on the head.

The only thing I wasn’t too keen on the coleslaw. It wasn’t terrible,but it was just lacking something. Perhaps some extra spice or a little mayonnaise or something. Either way, a beautiful dinner all in all.

If you’re in the mood for an excellent seafood dinner, this is the spot to try. Amazing staff, delicious food, and great atmosphere. Keep it up guys! You’ll have all of my money soon enough!

Check it out!




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