Viva La Luna

What can I say about La Luna Restaurant? To some it may be new but I’ve been going for years and years. I think it may be the only place my mom likes to eat at in Hamilton. This may be a familiar and well-known place to some of you, but for those who haven’t been, this may well be a restaurant revolution. That and I haven’t had a chance to write about any restaurants lately so I may as give it a go.

La Luna is an incredible Lebanese restaurant with two locations in Hamilton as well as an ‘express’ restaurant which is exclusively take-out only. I’ve been to all three locations and the food is excellent at all of them. Everything is lovingly prepared, authentic, and well-spiced. The food is just about as authentic as I’ve ever had. However, I’ve never been to Lebanon so who knows. What I can tell you is it’s damn fine food. Each dish has a delicate balance of flavor and spice and has been consistent for years. La Luna boasts an impressive list of shareable appetizers and each dish is extremely varied and unique.

They’ve got the basics like hummus and baba ghanouge and a few lesser-known dishes such as fetteh and modemmes. My personal favorite appetizer is the cauliflower and tomato which we most certainly ordered this time around. We also ordered a fattoush salad to share as well as the sauteed mushrooms. If you’ve never had a fattoush salad, this is the one you need to try; a fresh salad with cauliflower, red onion and fried pita crisps coated in a heavily spiced dressing. Absolutely remarkable. The mushrooms are likely the most incredible mushrooms I’ve ever had. Typically, I wouldn’t say I’m too big of a mushroom eater but in this case, I can’t get enough of them. They’re sauteed with a mix of garlic, parsley, lemon, oregano, sumac and chopped onions and served with fresh pita. They’re an excellent starter to share with a group. A must-try dish when you go to La Luna is the tomato and cauliflower. Deep-fried florets of cauliflower cooked golden brown and paired with grilled tomatoes in a light and mildly spiced tomato broth. Incredible flavor and texture and goes great with the sauteed mushroom dish. These stellar recipes are excellent to share with the table and really get your appetites going.

After all those starters, we only really had room for wraps, so that’s just what we did. I opted for the chicken shawarma (my favorite) and my dad tried the shish tawook. Now if you have had a few chicken shawarmas in your day, I’m sure you’re thinking ‘isn’t that pretty basic stuff? I usually get them after the bar for a late-night snack!’ These are not in the same league. These aren’t greasy pre-hangover meals, these are carefully prepared wraps with delicate and bold flavor and absolutely killer. The house-made sauce they drizzle the sandwich in ties it all together and the finale of the wrap is a few long-sliced dill pickles. Incredible. Just…talk about flavor town.

I think the best part of this restaurant is that the food is fresh, scratch-made, and extremely affordable. The value for what you’re getting is almost unbelievable. It’s almost cheaper to eat here than cook for yourself if you’re eating for one. A salad and a wrap could easily be two meals and will ring in around the $15 mark. Even with all the things we ordered which absolutely filled us to the brim, the bill was only $45. Great value. The food, the atmosphere and the price are all perfect. I urge you with all of my culinary being to go out and try this place if you haven’t already. Take your parents, take your friends, take somebody, or just go get some lunch. Just get in there and experience this place.





One thought on “Viva La Luna

  1. Hurray! I got a mention! Yes, the food at La Luna is glorious. Especially for a travelling Norseman, arriving from fiskepudding, lutefisk & vassgraut. And yes, at CAD 45, we came away with one seriously overstuffed papa – and a doggie bag for next day’s lunch. Take me back, please!


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