Beechwood Delicious

Well… I totally dropped the ball in posting this on Monday; it’s already been a long week! I think the time change threw me for a loop so I’ve been trying to get well rested ever since.

This past weekend, after a long hiatus, I finally got back to Beechwood Donuts. For those of you who haven’t had Beechwood before, let me start by empathizing with you. Secondly, I urge you to get out to St. Catherines as soon as humanly possibly and fill yourself to the brim with the greatest donuts… wait… The greatest dessert goods I’ve ever had.

Beechwood Donuts is cranking out fresh, delicious, fluffy, decadent, vegan donuts every single day (sorry, not Sundays*) and constantly trying new flavors. They’ve usually got quite the spread of donuts available and because people drive from out of town to get them (like from Hamilton for example)  they are always hot and fresh. When we arrived this past weekend, there was a line out the door. The line went very quickly though, so don’t be discouraged. It’s definitely worth the few minutes of waiting.

This time around, we were going to pick up a box of 12 donuts to bring back for a post-dinner treat for the family. Once we got into the shop, we quickly decided on getting an extra 4 donuts for the drive home. They just looked so damned amazing! We couldn’t resist! We ended up getting a cronut,  a chocolate banana fritter, a chocolate cherry fritter, and a chai spice donut topped with whipped cream. The cronut is one of the greatest donuts I’ve ever had; made out of croissant dough and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It’s light, crispy, and fluffy all at once. Quite a tremendous experience having one of these for the first time. The chai spice is one of my favorites as well. It’s very well balanced; it’s not overly spiced and it has excellent flavor. The fritters from Beechwood are incredible; the chocolate cherry is my favorite. When we tore into these, the fritters were still warm in the center. It’s pretty safe to say, these 4 donuts didn’t last the drive home.

The dozen donuts we brought back for dessert were as follows:

  • 2 Cronuts
  • 2 Cookies and Creme
  • 2 Death by Chocolate
  • 1 French Toast
  • 1 Chocolate Banana Fritter
  • 1 Apple Fritter
  • 1 Chocolate Cherry Fritter
  • 1 Coconut Creme
  • 1 Cookie Dough

Holy crap these were good. The dough is soft and airy and not oily. Each donut is lovingly topped with a perfect amount of topping making every bite equally perfect and delectable. We had to cut them all up so we could try each flavor, although we could heave easily eaten 3 or 4 donuts each. We had to pack them up and put them away to stop ourselves from finishing the box.

These donuts are always a hit whenever we bring them home. Beechwood Donuts are about as good as you get. Excellent dough, creative and delicious flavors, and a lovely place all in all. Once again, I urge you to get out  there and try them now!



Beechwood Donuts
5 James St.
St Catherines, ON
L2R 5B7


2 thoughts on “Beechwood Delicious

  1. Hey spud, geriatric section uttering: perchance you should ruminate of some of your European/travelling culinary experiences, to counterpoint the Hammar writings? Or perhaps I should “guest” with some of unca Leif’s and my travelling marvels from the back roads (or no roads!) of the Mediterranean countries? Either way, such things makes this gourmand monster drool….
    Keep it up, I can see your writing slowly maturing.


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