Prepare to be Jealous

I went to the mall a few weeks back and was looking for a new wallet to replace my old, worn out, and rather basic one. I had been thinking about picking up a Belroy Wallet (which I still may do, because they’re pretty incredible) but I wasn’t entirely sold just yet. I needed to see and […]

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Brunch with Papa Leo

Nothing makes a weekend brunch quite as wonderful as Papa Leo’s. I’ve been here numerous times for brunch, and every time I leave satisfied, stuffed, and happy. What more can you ask for in a brunch spot. The restaurant is on Concession street a few doors down from La Luna. The restaurant is quite cozy, […]

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Hello Mr. Robot.

I very seldom watch TV shows. I dislike the fact that if you watch the show while it’s ‘active’ it can end up controlling your schedule. ‘Oh, it’s Wednesday, I’ve got three shows I have to watch.’ I prefer to catch up on a show after a few seasons have finished and come out on Netflix. At least […]

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Earth To Table To Mouth

I went to one of my absolute favourite places for lunch the other day: Bread Bar: Earth to Table. I’ve been going here for years now. I used to work on Locke Street so I would go there for dinner quite frequently. The food is absolutely stunning but even more so, the environment or atmosphere […]

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Huge Arm Day

So much pump. Fuckin’ Arm day. That is all. hehe. Cheers, Klyver Just kidding. We were super rushed today, so we had to work fast. That means one thing: Supersets. We started with dumbbell skullcrushers and close grip barbell curls. High reps to absolutely demolish the muscles. Then we did some isolated dumbbell hammer curls […]

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Best Day is Chest Day… Yo.

I finished work at 10pm on Monday but I wanted to get in a decent workout. The problem with working out that late is tat it spikes your Cortisol and can cause adrenal fatigue and sleep issues. But screw that, I wanted to shred chest yo. It’s kind of tough because you can’t really take […]

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