Home Made Sexiness

So last night I wanted to have more burgers ’cause I have a serious problem. I decided to make up some havarti and peameal burgers with garlic sauce and a  tangy purple coleslaw. I think I may need some sort of intervention for burgers and pizza… I love burgers more than I could love a […]

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Entourage Life.

So I know it’s a bit late, but I wanted to check out the new Entourage movie. I fuckin love the show so I was hoping the movie would be just as good. I think it was definitely worthy of a watch. The best thing about the movie is it didn’t feel like they were […]

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Nailing Breakfast

So lately I’ve been toying around with some different breakfasts. I gave oatmeal and protein a try, or Proats as a little jacked chick I know calls it, but It didn’t seem to work with me. I felt hungry almost immediately after and it didn’t sustain me. Maybe I wasn’t eating enough, but I think […]

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Back Day Justice

  So Dustin and I had decided to go to HAMbrgr last night after the gym, but we had to do some serious back demolition before we could earn all the glory that is HAMbrgr. This is what we came up with. We decided to start with Deadlifts at 5x10reps to get the day started […]

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Return to HAMbrgr Mountain

  So I decided to go down to HAMbrgr last night after the gym. I can’t help it, the place makes my life! With a place like this, there’s always something you want to try. Whether it’s the daily specials or just a different menu item, it keeps you wanting more. This time around, I […]

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Mezza Cafe

I accidentally stumbled upon this sleek-looking cafe after going out for brunch with a few friends. From the front of the building it barely looks like enough of a cafe to fit more than a group or two. However, once you step in through the big heavy door, you’re greeted with a modern, stylish Italian […]

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Where do I even start. This place just gets me. They know what I want and they serve what I want extremely well. This restaurant is just Burgers, Beer, and Bourbon. Which of course, if you know me, pretty much sums up my life. I’ve been to this restaurant about 10 times since they first opened […]

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